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Breakfast Topic: What's the one thing you can't wait to find out about Mists?


There's been a huge amount of news coming out from the beta about Mists. We've heard about healing changes, lady pandaren emotes and floppy bangs, and where to hunt your pet warriors in Eastern Kingdoms.

But what are you waiting to see? What's the piece of news you're looking for every time a new Mists story appears? First and foremost, "that my beta invite has arrived" is not a response I will accept. I will track you down and glare sternly at you if you say that. I mean it. I'm on my way to glare at Daniel Whitcomb right now.

I want to hear what the thing is you're desperate to know. I really want to hear more about new PvP elements. Anyone who read my list of Mists PvP wishes will be familiar with what I'd love to see, and I'm hanging on Blizzard's every release hoping for PvP leveling information.

And I'd love to see the paladin talents reworked. They're looking kind of lackluster right now, a redistribution of existing talents, not filling me with excitement like talents for the other classes I play.

How about you? What are you on the edge of your chair hoping to see? And, of course, why?

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