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'Free on iTunes' goes MIA


We've noticed an interesting change at the US iTunes store this week. "Free on iTunes," a popular section found in both the Quick Links and in its own front page section, has gone MIA. It's been replaced by a "Free Book" offer for the Beatle's Yellow Submarine adaptation in Quick Links and removed entirely from the main store page. (Update: It's been added back to the Quick Links in the Music category, but still unavailable on the main page in either normal section. Thanks, Peter Kovari)

Apple's "Inside iTunes" help page, which helps you find free content on iTunes, remains active and has not yet been updated. We've contacted Apple PR for a statement to see if this a one-off week or a new policy change but have yet to hear back. We'll revise this post if they respond.

In the meantime, you can still find free music and videos by popping by the individual sub-stores including the Music store and TV store. Look in the "More in" and "Quick Links" sections on the right side of the page.

"Free on iTunes" was first launched in 2006.

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