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Shoot Many Robots through Steam April 6


Shoot Many Robots will be downloadable as a prime directive for humans using personal computers on April 6. Demiurge's co-op shoot-every-metal-thing-that-moves title will be available for $10, with an option to buy three copies of the game and receive the fourth for free.

Steam-specific bonuses include gear that lets avatars dress like Half-Life's Gordon Freeman and the addition of Portal's turrets as robots to shoot. The Chopper Bot backpack for the Pyro and Medic classes in Team Fortress 2 is also available exclusively through Steam.

"We rebuilt the controls for PC and overhauled the user interface so it won't feel like you've turned your keyboard into a gamepad that makes clicky sounds – every detail has been considered to make this an optimized and seamless experience," said Demiurge CEO Albert Reed.

Demiurge will also host a "Control Scheme Throwdown" at next week's PAX East to resolve some control issues with the non-mouse and keyboard set.

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