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Webzen pops the cork on its third anniversary celebration


Good things come in threes, they say, and nobody knows this better than Webzen. In 2009, Webzen came on the scene as a free-to-play publisher and set up an online portal to serve as a nexus for all of its games. Since then, the company has released three MMOs through its service and recently crossed the three-year mark. With all those threes, it's time to celebrate!

To celebrate its third anniversary, Webzen is throwing events in Archlord, MU Online, and Soul of the Ultimate Nation. By participating in these in-game events, players can win an assortment of prizes ranging from an Xbox 360 to in-game currency and items. The third anniversary events will start tomorrow and run through April 18th.

Webzen's Head of Global Publishing, Jihun Lee, reflected on the company's achievements: "With the start of MU Online, has received much support from our users. As a result, in three years we have been able to become one of the leading global game portals. With the service experience of free-to-play online games, we are making all efforts to meet the users' needs and provide better services."

[Source: Webzen press release]

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