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AirMech stomps and flies into PAX East


Carbon Games's AirMech is working its way through alpha testing and will be playable at PAX East next week. It'll be the first "proper" showing of the game, which debuted at last year's PAX Prime in a very early build. The developers will be on hand to distribute exclusive in-game items, which also grant access to the game's closed beta.

"It's important to note that we are happy with the core of the game, and it's balanced enough that we are not wiping accounts or progress," Carbon Games founder James Green wrote on the company's site. "We don't mind if people earn a bit more XP or kudos because they can exploit the AI or found a bug–we're glad to let people benefit in that way because it helps us make the game better. So all of our early testers tend to do quite well, and can rest assured that they can keep their progress and unlocks."

Carbon Games was formed by members of Titan Studios, creators of Fat Princess. The team is currently working on a list of improvements before they consider the game in beta.

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