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BBC News Online adapts mobile site to smartphone demands, doesn't discriminate against specs


Worried what your smartphone says about you? The Beeb isn't. That venerable British broadcasting institution is adopting a "four screens" strategy, with the overarching goal of creating a mobile news site that embraces devices of all specs, sizes and prices. Known as 'responsive design,' the company's back end will reportedly tackle the task of figuring out the specific demands of your phone or tablet and then deliver a touch-screen optimized site suited to your unit's particular profile. The changes, set to affect about 26 percent of BBC News Online's traffic, haven't been given a firm scheduling as of yet, with a tentative rollout on track to hit simpler phones first, while the more robust features, reserved for more capable tech, set to come later. According to Head of Product, Chris Russell, it's all part of a "wider 'under the bonnet' project" aimed at spreading the News division's reach to all corners, especially those less fortunate areas where internet access can "be crucially important to their lives." Hit up the source below to read Russell's full take on this move towards digital universality.

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