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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer kicks off 'Operation Raptor' this weekend


Xbox 360 and PC Mass Effect 3 players have a new N7 Bounty Weekend event kicking off at 5pm PST on Friday. Operation Raptor will run until Monday at 5am PST, awarding players in the co-op multiplayer mode a Commendation pack for meeting the individual goal of promoting two characters from the multiplayer to the single-player game. The allied goal is for the community to promote 150,000 total characters to the single-player campaign, which will net all players a Victory pack.

The contents of these packs will be revealed next week when eligible players are rewarded the goods for completing the requisite tasks. Additionally, all players will earn an extra 10% XP this weekend. As for PS3, BioWare says it's working with Sony to bring these N7 Bounty Weekend events to the platform and will update accordingly.

One catch: All willing to participate must set the "Upload Gameplay Feedback" option to "on."

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