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Nokia will refuse to license 'essential' patents if Apple's nano-SIM standard is selected


The discussion over a new standard for SIMs is turning into an all-out war. Earlier this week, Apple agreed to offer its SIM patents royalty-free to competitors if two things happen. Specifically, if Apple's nano-SIM idea is adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and other companies agree to reciprocate on licensing.

Nokia was not pleased with this statement and has told the ETSI that it will refuse to license essential nano-SIM patents if the standards body chooses Apple's design over a competing design proposed by Nokia, RIM and Motorola, says a report by The Verge.

Nokia asserts that Apple's proposal "does not meet ETSI's technical requirements and would be inferior for consumers and the mobile industry, unnecessarily increasing the cost of mobile devices." Henry Tirri, Nokia's executive vice president and chief technology officer, adds, "We believe that Apple is mis-using the standardization process, seeking to impose its own proprietary solution on the industry and using ETSI merely to rubber stamp its proposal, rather than following established principles and practices."

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