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Tapose resurrects Courier concept for the iPad, rubs salt in your wounds (video)


Did you, like most of us, mourn the death of Microsoft's Courier like it was a relative that you never got to know as well as you would have liked. Well, as long you're willing to settle for just a single screen and are comfortable with Apple products, you might be able to fill that void in your life. Taposé delivers many of the same features as the Redmond concept, but within the confines of the iPad's 9.7-inch display. The $2.99 app, which has been in the works for some time, hit the app store yesterday, delivering the ability to copy and paste content from the web, mark it up with text and doodles then sync your notes online. You get 400MB for free with the purchase of the app, but unlimited cloud storage will set you back $30 a year. The information collecting doesn't end with snapshots of websites either, you can add audio, video and maps and do it in a dual pane layout that mimics the two-panel Courier. Hit up the source link to download it now and see it in action after the break.

Update: In case you were wondering, this is, in fact, the same Kickstarter project that Courier creator J Allard threw his money at when his pet project was axed by Microsoft.

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