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DC Universe Online makes Legendary members even more legendary

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you want to be a living legend? It certainly beats being a dead legend, since you can enjoy it more. And if you're a Legendary member of DC Universe Online, you already get access to a variety of accompanying benefits. But starting on April 3rd, Legendary members get an even bigger legend with several new benefits aside from free access to all DLC.

So what will you get? PC players will receive a monthly stipend of 500 Station Cash, while PS3 players will see a similar influx of 500 Loyalty Points for use in a new in-game store. For both platforms, you'll get the ability to unlock rare lockboxes for free and a full set of Replay Badges every month. Replay Badges allow you to reset all of your instance lockouts, giving you a chance to play back through content more frequently -- and with 150 of them free each month, your exploits as a Legendary member will be the stuff of... well, you can guess.

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