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UFO Online abducts cows, starts second beta phase


Remember kids: Just say no to alien probing! If you're like any of us on the Massively staff, then you're sick of being abducted by intergalactic bullies and dissected for kicks. That's why we're glad that gamigo's fighting back with UFO Online, which is one step closer to launch today.

The publisher announced that UFO Online is beginning its second beta phase following a period of reflection and development after the first. The game's studio, Funatics, has expanded the game to include two new aliens, a better loot system, more complex missions, and more strategic combat. Phase two of the aliens' diabolical plan, er, the studio's approach will also see a better tutorial, performance optimization, and UI improvements that all should make a significant difference for those testing the game.

If smacking down grey-skinned invaders appeals to you, you can apply for the beta on the website and read up on our first impressions of this turn-based tactical MMO.

[Source: gamigo press release]

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