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New Darkfall development blog touches on key points

Eliot Lefebvre

Development on the next incarnation of Darkfall continues, promising big changes to the game's core mechanics. The latest update on the official blog addresses a variety of systems that hadn't previously been covered, starting with the game's large-scale UI improvements. The biggest revelation and item of interest, however, is the promise of the upcoming point system, which allows players to receive rewards for accomplishments that in turn fuel new play options.

Although the terminology used in the blog is a bit vague due to the fact that specifics on the system are under wraps, it's made very clear that the point system is not simply an achievement system (which will also be added). Rather, using points in-game will fuel certain abilities or grant access to new abilities, allowing players to open new paths as a reward for their accomplishments. There's also a few updates on the future of crafting, all of which should give Darkfall players something to look forward to when version 2.0 finally goes live.

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