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Exclusive video: Is this the iPhone 5?


TUAW readers -- you saw it here first! We received a video from an anonymous reader who claims to work at Apple. This tipster told us that he was "tired of the deception, the secrecy and the despair in our labs." He went on to say that "TUAW is my favorite Apple blog, and I decided that it was your team that needed to see this video of the iPhone 5 first. I apologize for the poor quality of the video -- we are forced to leave our own iPhones outside the lab, so I built a small video camera from off-the-shelf parts and used it to shoot the video."

The results of his undercover work are so incredible that it had all of us at TUAW in shock. Could this be the iPhone 5? Will it really have these amazing features? Are we asking too many questions? Note that this is all we could show you -- to see the unedited version, click here or click the source link below the video.

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