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Japanese hardware sales, March 19 - 25: April Fools' Day edition

Jordan Mallory

When I was but a wee lad, my oldest sister Erin played an April Fools' joke on me by convincing my young, squishy mind that Sega had announced that they were going to stop making video games systems. Since we were a Genesis household and my love of Sonic was boundless, I was understandably upset. After a few minutes of supporting the lie, she shouted "April Fools'!" and then knocked the Star Crunch out of my tiny hands and ran away.

Many, many years later in the fall of 2000, Erin and her husband gave me a Dreamcast for Christmas. Three months later, production of the Dreamcast had ceased.

The moral of the story is this: Be careful what you joke about. Saying something, even when it's untrue, gives that idea power in the universe and makes it a more likely occurrence. Now, I'm not saying that my sister is responsible for Sega leaving the hardware business, but I am saying that ... actually no wait, that's exactly what I'm saying.

3DS: 94,011 [UP] 29,994 (46.85%)
PS3: 25,750 [DOWN] 2,150 (7.71%)
PSP: 19,875 [UP] 1,242 (6.67%)
Vita: 10,302 [UP] 281 (2.80%)
Wii: 9,270 [UP] 1,143 (14.06%)
PS2: 1,333 [UP] 168 (14.42%)
Xbox 360: 1,084 [DOWN] 61 (5.33%)
DSi LL: 1,058 [UP] 205 (24.03%)
DSi: 778 [UP] 161 (26.06%)

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