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Guild Wars 2 crosses the pond to answer questions for EU Fan Day


Guild Wars 2's release is (hopefully) creeping closer and closer with each passing day, and now that the title has a few weekend beta events under its belt, enthusiasm for the game is growing. To help assuage the growing impatience for the game's release, ArenaNet brought some prominent members of the European community together for an EU Fan Day full of fun times and Q&As.

The sheer volume of questions answered by the studio prohibits us from even attempting a complete summary in the span of this post, but if you're at all interested in the game, it's worth a read. PvP rank-specific emotes, guild features, and an unrevealed PvP map that "will be very nostalgic for GW players" are all on the table for discussion, so to get the full, juicy details, just head on over to the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter and check out today's posts marked with the hashtag #EUFanDay.

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