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Breakfast Topic: Do you like PvP?


I wrote a Breakfast Topic recently about what you're just not that excited about in Mists, and as ever, I religiously read all the comments. While a lot of the expected stuff came up, one thing that really sprang out at me was just how many people mentioned that they really don't like PvP -- even hate it, in some cases!

As the PvP columnist here at WoW Insider, I am really quite keen on PvP! And one thing I'm really hoping to do with my columns is to get people into PvP, get people enjoying it and so on. I personally think that once you understand a few basic things about PvP, you're far more likely to enjoy it, but maybe I'm wrong.

I can think of various reasons you might not like it. I wasn't super-keen when I first started WoW. I didn't understand what resilience was. I didn't understand Battleground brackets. I didn't understand the importance of CC. I didn't know about gear. If someone duelled me, I declined. But that changed!

So I'd love to hear, first, whether you're a fan of PvP or not -- and most important, the reasons for your opinion. If you could have some advice that might prompt you to start PvPing, what would it be? As Dr. Cox says in Scrubs, "Help me to help you!"

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