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Bring your pals to The Old Republic with a newly extended Friends Trial


The galaxy can be a big, cold, and lonely place, and BioWare knows it. That's why the studio has decided to increase the number of friends that players can invite to join them in Star Wars: The Old Republic courtesy of a seven-day free trial. Whereas before players were only able to invite a paltry three friends at a time, now burgeoning social butterflies can drag up to 25 of their friends into The Old Republic.

It's worth noting, of course, that the free trial period does come with some limitations. Friends invited for the free trial will only be able to progress to level 15, and trial characters can play only "on their Origin World, Capital World, at the Fleet, [in] a Warzone, and in their first Flashpoint." But if you've got some friends who are on the fence about subscribing to the game, those seven days just might be enough to get them hooked. So get out there, rally your friends, and get to conquering the galaxy.

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