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Square Enix summons a class-based action title in Crystal Conquest


Last week Square Enix's mystery title was outed as Crystal Conquest, a Flash-based action title for Japanese consumption, set to launch this summer. Details are now sidling out, as noted by 4gamer and translated by Andriasang:

Crystal Conquest is a side-scroller with characters shifting between two planes of play, it uses mouse controls only, and it has four classes: Warrior, Scout, Priest and Sorcerer. The goal is to destroy the enemy's home base before time runs out or the enemy destroys yours. At the end of the match, damage and enemies killed are added up and the winner crowned. The battle edifices are called Arrow Tower, Crystals and Summons Facilities, and the title will include classic Square Enix summons functions.

The full list of Crystal Conquest details and a few high-res screens can be peeped right here.

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