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Trophies suggest Batman: Arkham City getting Harley Quinn DLC


Perhaps the extremely curvy chunk of Batman: Arkham City featuring Harley Quinn simply wasn't enough for you, or maybe you just like your DLC with an extra splash of Fran Drescher-esque voice acting? We can't be sure, but you specifically will be happy to hear that 10 PlayStation 3 Trophies were dug up by which reveal a yet-to-be announced DLC pack featuring Ms. Quinn.

No other description is given for the content other than "Harley Quinn DLC," nor is release date or pricing info, though Robin is noted in one Trophy as a playable character. Moreover, that Trophy addresses an event known as, "Harley Quinn's Revenge," which sounds to us an awful lot like the potential name for the content. We've reached out to WB for more info, and will keep an eye on the sky for any Bat clues.

[Thanks, Josh.]

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