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BioWare shows off SWTOR's customizable UI in new video

Jef Reahard

Custom user interfaces are an oft-requested feature in the MMOs that lack them at launch, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is adding the functionality in its 1.2 update.

BioWare lead interface artist Michael Voigt walks us through the particulars of TOR's HUD in a new video just posted to the game's official website. Players will be pleased to note that both the placement and size of each UI element can be adjusted, while accessing the layout mode is as easy as clicking the plus button on the top left of your hotbar.

BioWare has also included three pre-made layouts: the default mode, an extended quickbar setup, and a retro look that moves the target and map circle to the top of the screen (and the chat window to the bottom). Head past the break to watch the clip.

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