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'Halo Infinity' domains registered by Microsoft brand manager


It appears Microsoft has registered a handful of domains containing the phrase "Halo Infinity" and "Halo Infinity Multiplayer," leading us to believe that Microsoft is planning to reveal a new line of anti-aging skin-care products in the near future.

The names are registered through domain manager MarkMonitor, who handles a few of Microsoft's other franchises, including, Fusible reports. MarkMonitor grabbed most "dot" iterations of "Halo Infinity Multiplayer," including .net and .org, but is already in use as a Japanese site to help people cope with baldness, Google Translate reveals. MarkMonitor also registered and this week, Fusible finds.

"Infinity" is a map exclusive to the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved. So far Microsoft hasn't made any announcements about the potential map or its SPF 72 moisturizing cream.

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