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PS Vita 1.66 update now live, reportedly with a fix for PS Minis support


Due to a "technical fault" with PlayStation Vita firmware 1.65 (released yesterday), the update was "taken down temporarily" and later replaced with a newer version (1.66). More exciting than the hullabaloo surrounding its release: firmware 1.66 reportedly enables PlayStation Minis support for PlayStation Plus users on the Vita. Moreover, some users are saying that if you want to snag older free Minis that you got with your subscription, you're able to delete the non-functioning existing version and replace it with a fresh download.

We've dropped Sony's list of updates in the firmware just below the break, should you wish to learn more about its less-than-thrilling specifics. Sony doesn't note the Minis fix, but we've followed up for clarity's sake.

System Software Update 1.65/1.66:

  1. You can now disable the notification alert messages that indicate when friends sign in, messages are received and other activities. To disable these alerts, got to [Settings] > [Sound & Display] > check/uncheck [Notification Alerts]. Additionally, Notification alerts will now display for five seconds instead of three seconds
  2. 'After 10 Minutes' has been added as an option in [Power Save Settings] > [Auto Standby]
  3. An arrow will indicate when new activities are available in LiveArea
  4. Caps Lock is now supported by the on-screen keyboard. Simply double-tap the Shift key to enable it

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