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SOE time-lapse video shows PlanetSide 2's Scope 4X

Jef Reahard

Planning on playing for the New Conglomerate faction in PlanetSide 2? If so, you'll want to check out the new video we've got for you after the break.

Sony Online Entertainment has put together a three-minute piece detailing the NC's Scope 4X (and no, we're not kidding -- it really is a video about a rifle scope). While the 4X may seem like an odd choice for a dev diary clip, it's actually indicative of the amount of work SOE is pouring into its open-world MMOFPS.

SOE senior artist Patrick Ho steps us through the complete design process, and we get a long look at thumbnail sketches, 3-D modeling, painting, and the fine details that typify PlanetSide 2's gear.

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