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Breakfast Topic: Your WoW newbie confessions


First, the above screenshots come from my favorite boss in the game, Interrogator Vishas. He loves secrets, that he does, and makes me giggle. He especially likes naughty secrets, apparently! So I thought he'd be a perfect header image for this Breakfast Topic.

What's your WoW confession? I'm talking about newbie or embarrassing moments in WoW -- I'm pretty sure we've all had those. Everyone was a noob once!

My confession used to center mostly around trying to tank without Righteous Fury on. But one confession that I really recall was early on in my WoW experience, around level 20, after two friends had boosted me through The Stockade. I got some gear from the boost runs and some more from quests, and once I'd got past the level of the mobs (sort of -- I didn't know what an elite was), I thought I should be able to do it by myself. So in I went. And died. And thought I'd messed up, so went in again. And again. And again.

Growing ever more frustrated, I turned to my paladin-playing friend and vented about how I was awful at this game, at which point he gently told me that The Stockade was a thing called a dungeon and was designed for five people. D'oh!

I also remember when I'd become brave enough to queue for one of these dungeons and clicked tank as well as DPS. I had no idea what a tank was meant to do or how I should do it, and the group rightly raged at me. I didn't know how to leave a group, so I logged out. By the time I logged back in again, they'd booted me, thank God!

So, what noob moments stick in your mind? Any that you cringe at slightly, looking back?

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