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Dear Aunt TUAW: Did my wife just get a free upgrade?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

So my wife's 11-inch MacBook Air went into an Apple Store to get its screen replaced because it cracked. It's got a core i5 1,6ghz processor in it... Or at least it did!

We've just got it back home and I clicked on "About this Mac" out of habit and it's reported that it's got a core i7 1.7ghz! So my question is: Can the "about this Mac" info be wrong?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Matt,

That's a puzzler indeed. Do you know if the serial number matches up to what it was before the repair?

In Auntie's experience, "About this Mac" is pretty reliable. However, as a nice man at AppleCare pointed out to her today, the store has discretion over how it performs its repairs. If it's too hard to replace a screen on an older unit, they might theoretically pop out the drive and install it into a newer Mac for in-warranty repair.

Given that the screen is physically distant from the processor and not naturally linked, this might be the answer to your mystery. Please write back and let Auntie know if all the other facets of the computer match up to the pre-repair condition, or if the Genius Bar delivered a free upgrade to you!


Auntie T.

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