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En Masse reveals TERA crafting guide

Jef Reahard

Crafting probably isn't the first (or even the second) thing that springs to mind when someone says TERA, but thankfully Bluehole and En Masse didn't opt to leave the system on the cutting room floor when designing the new fantasy MMO.

En Masse recently released a fairly detailed tradeskilling guide, and while it won't tell you exactly where to get rare materials, it does give you plenty of info on the basics. TERA features six different crafting disciplines, and your character can learn them all at any time. There are no training costs; all you'll need to worry about is finding patterns and raw materials.

Crafted items are usually better than random loot drops, but generally you'll be outpacing your gear every five levels, so you'll want to upgrade fairly often anyway. There's a lot more info on TERA's tradeskilling system at the official website.

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