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Friday TUAW Clinic: Spring clean your Mac with Erica and Steve


Spring is the traditional time to shake off the clutter of winter and do some cleaning. With Mac owners, it's a good time to think about doing the same thing -- getting rid of the junk that piles up on your machine, cleaning out excess log files, etc... To get you prepared for some spring Mac cleaning over the weekend, Erica Sadun and I will be hosting a live "clinic" tomorrow at 11 AM EDT here on TUAW.

We'll start at 11 AM sharp, but you may wish to arrive a few minutes early to log into the CoverItLive system, which is what we'll be using to host the talk. Throughout the chat, we'll be capturing questions and providing answers as best we can, and we always like to hear from our readers about their favorite Mac spring cleaning tips.

See you here tomorrow morning bright and early! And don't forget to bring your can of Lemon Pledge!

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