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Larry Page looks back at a year of leading Google, promises velocity, execution and focus in the future


A year and a day after taking over the reins at Mountain View, Google co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Larry Page has plenty to say about where the company has been recently, and where it's going. While there aren't any Project Glass bombs dropped, in this open letter he's promising a Google that will achieve even more, and faster, as it goes forward. First, a spoiler alert: he really likes Google's products. From Google+, to tighter integration with results for things like weather and airfare to that little Android side project there's plenty of praise to go around. One of the longest segments is dedicated to the "love and trust" Google desires to deserve from its users, mentioning that creating "a much better, more intuitive experience across Google" is a focus for 2012. Hit the source link to have your own look at the Google boss' innermost thoughts -- do you think he's on the right track?

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