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Skylanders Cloud Patrol takes flight on iDevices today


Activision's kid friendly cash cow has arrived on the App Store. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a new title in the explosively popular Skylanders franchise optimized for Apple's iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, featuring over 30 different Skylanders to unlock in "arcade shooting gallery-style gameplay." By putting in the code that comes with their skylanders figure, players can unlock them in Cloud Patrol -- just like in Skylanders proper.

We've got a pair of galleries below you can check out, one for the iPad and the other for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is currently available for download in the Apple App store for $.99.

Gallery: Skylanders Cloud Patrol (iPhone/iPod Touch) | 4 Photos

Gallery: Skylanders Cloud Patrol (iPad) | 5 Photos

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