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Sparrow 1.1 adds built-in browser, delete options


You have to give them credit. The developers at Sparrow don't waste any time when it comes to improving their apps. It's only been a little over two weeks since Sparrow for the iPhone launched and there's already an update in the iOS App Store. The 1.1 version of Sparrow rolled out on Wednesday and has some new features and bug fixes.

According to the changelog, Sparrow now lets you send and archive mail as well as empty the trash and spam folders from your phone. You can bring important emails to the forefront by selecting which accounts show up on dock badges and which specific labels and folders you want to see. There's also a new built-in browser which will knock the socks off users who receive links in their emails.

Besides the new and exciting features listed above, Sparrow 1.1 also fixes both authentication issues with some Google apps account and custom SMTP for aliases. Oh, and that missing push notification feature. Sparrow is determined to get push notification into the app. The company said in a blog post, "Push is coming. If Apple can't help us yet, we have other ideas."

You can download Sparrow from the iOS App Store for US $2.99.

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