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Walter Isaacson: "Apple will settle Google Android dispute"


Walter Isaacson, the author of the blockbuster bestselling biography of Steve Jobs, believes that the "less emotional" Apple CEO Tim Cook will settle the company's dispute with Google over the Android operating system for smartphones.

In his book, Isaacson quoted Steve Jobs as telling Google executives, "You can't pay me off. I'm here to destroy you," referring to the way that the widely-licensed Android OS parroted iOS, in much the way that Windows followed the Mac's look and feel. How and when Cook will settle the dispute with Google wasn't part of Isaacson's statement to the Royal Institution in London.

Isaacson also hinted that Apple will revolutionize the digital photography and television markets in the next two years. While the rumors of an Internet-connected Apple HDTV have been flying since Isaacson's book was published last fall, this is the first time that digital photography has been mentioned as another potential big market for Apple. The company's iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch products contain digital cameras, and the company makes the popular iPhoto and Aperture software products as well, but those products are hardly revolutionary.

In his talk, Isaacson also professed his belief that, in a hundred years, Jobs will be seen as one of the great all-time inventors alongside Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Isaacson was quoted as saying that "Steve Jobs is a greater genius than Microsoft's Bill Gates because he has transformed multiple industries."

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