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DUST 514 dev blog details vehicle roles

Jef Reahard

DUST 514 isn't at PAX this weekend, which probably explains CCP's strategic reveal of a new dev blog earlier this afternoon. We knew that the MMOFPS will boast a number of similarities to its EVE Online sibling (like the fitting screens, factions, and lore); one thing we didn't know, though, was that DUST will also repurpose vehicle hulls in a decidedly EVE-like way.

Many EVE ships share the same hull visuals despite having radically different performance envelopes and combat roles, and DUST vehicles will definitely follow that trend, according to CCP's Cmdr Wang.

DUST vehicles will also be powered by a capacitor (which should seem awfully familiar to you capsuleer types). Cap management will therefore play a vital role in the new game just as it does in the old. Finally, DUST's vehicle skill system also takes a page out of EVE's book. Today's dev blog finishes up with a look at a couple of high-level vehicle skills as well as some verbiage on module customization.

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