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Get your lore on with Blizzard's updated Expanded Universe


Blizzard has updated the lore section of its community site, called Expanded Universe, to include a nice resource of all the official Warcraft lore you can buy or read online at the site for free. This include the short stories, the history of Warcraft, and links to the novels, comics, and manga at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It's quite a nice place to stop if you want to find all the links to buy everything in one place. The short stories and History of Warcraft are also free to read. They're really quite good, if you haven't read them yet.

Don't forget to check out our own Know Your Lore series for much more analysis then you could possibly consume in a single day, plus our guide to the chronological order of WoW fiction if you're just getting into reading all this wonderful material.

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