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On "mystery meat" gestures and iPhoto's learning curve

Just shy of a month after its release, Lukas Mathis provides well-reasoned criticism regarding the learning curve for iPhoto for iOS. It's new territory for Apple, as he points out, but it might be pushing the boundaries a little too hard.

As much as I like the new iPhoto myself, Mathis brings up some good points regarding some of the gestures. I disagree with him on the help provided in the app. I think this is probably Apple's best help menu, especially on an iOS app. It's dynamic and changes with the tool you're using and helps you to utilize iPhoto better.

Even though the tools change, I can undo anything I've done by clicking on the bottom right spoke button. What Apple does, I notice, is that it helps you along the way and then makes you take a leap of logic regarding the next step. The example that Mathis provides is the magnifying loupe. Holding down two fingers gets you the loupe, as the help menu suggests. But it doesn't tell you to twist on the black rim to increase the magnification. Does Apple need to tell you that? Probably. Or maybe the developers were guessing that you're most likely going to twist your fingers on your own and figure it out anyhow.

And Mathis is correct in that the buttons in iPhoto on the iPhone are just way too small. I found that on the iPhone, I've gone back to my tried-and-true Camera+ for photo editing there.

What do you think? With iPhoto for iOS having been out for a few weeks, what are your thoughts now? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Daring Fireball]

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