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Borderlands 2 conjures up Mechromancer class, adds character customization options


On the final day of PAX East, members of Gearbox detailed plans for Borderlands 2, which is set to drop on September 18. The biggest news nuggest is the Mechromancer, a class that will be added to the game as DLC after launch and free to those who pre-order. The Mechromancer is a female human/machine hybrid, which is totally great because we wrote all of this erotic Claptrap fan-fiction that would totally explain -- ahem, sorry. She will also have a friend: a giant robot called D374-TP (Deathtrap).

Game Informer was at the panel – all of us were too busy scurrying back to our respective journalizing holes to attend today – and says that in addition to the Mechromancer, there will be options to customize the look of your character. Costumes and custom gear will be earned when players complete missions and challenges.

Finally, there will be a special edition of Borderlands 2 that will retail for $149.99. It's packaged in a big plastic loot box replete with a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead and, obviously, a copy of Borderlands 2.

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