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NC State researcher finds more efficient way to cool devices, looks to cut costs too


Does your electronic device have you a bit hot under the collar these days? A researcher at NC State has developed a faster and less expensive method for cooling gadgets -- especially those that tend to crank the heat up. Dr. Jag Kasichainula, an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, authored a paper on the research that implements a "heat spreader' composed of a copper-graphene composite and an indium-graphene interface film to cool devices. Because the two materials exhibit a high thermal conductivity, they allow the device to cool more efficiently while distributing said heat -- 25 percent quicker than the pure copper in many pieces of tech. And if that wasn't enough, the research also details the process for creating the composite using electrochemical deposition. "Copper is expensive, so replacing some of the copper with graphene actually lowers the overall cost.," Kasichainula notes. If you're itching to read a full rundown of the findings, the full text can be accessed via the source link below.

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