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Persona 3: FES socially linked with PSN tomorrow


XBLA sees the release of Fez this week, but PSN is getting FES. That's just one letter off! Well, one letter, the words "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" and the number 3. Other than that, totally the same deal.

Persona 3: FES, the updated 2008 edition of the demons-in-modern-Japan RPG, comes to the PlayStation 3 this week as part of the underused PS2 Classics service. It'll be a good opportunity to get familiar with the cast of characters before beating the hell out of them in Persona 4 Arena (which features some of the P3 cast). Or, if you prefer to think about it this way, you'll get to play a fantastic RPG with a unique storyline and stuff.

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