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The Secret World's PAX recap video talks PvP, progression

Jef Reahard

If you couldn't make it to PAX on Easter sunday, you can at least catch up on the happenings around Funcom's The Secret World booth thanks to a new video that the firm recently uploaded to its YouTube portal.

The clip is about six minutes long, and it splices together random con-goer interviews with gameplay footage of The Secret World's ability wheel and progression system. Also featured is Funcom community manager Glen "Famine" Swan, who says that he is excited about the game's "persistent PvP, because [it's] doing a lot of grass-roots stuff that [he] grew up with in the MMO genre."

Famine also touches on the TSW's three-faction design as well as the fact that the PvP game is ever-changing and filled with progression-related rewards. If you're not so much into the PvP, don't fret, since you can still PvE with your friends regardless of which faction you choose. Check out the full clip after the break.

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