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Camouflaj Kickstarting iOS stealth game 'Republique,' see the first trailer


The first project from Ryan Payton's Camouflaj is Republique, an iOS action/stealth game of sorts in which you control a network of cameras, lights, and everything else electronic to keep a woman named Hope safe from pursuers. It's like a serious Night Trap.

"Last year, I decided I was going to stop complaining about the lack of real games on mobile," Payton said in the above trailer, "and start making one." For help making that real game, Camouflaj has turned to Kickstarter, because it's 2012.

The developer is seeking $500,000 from backers, with bonuses including the game, a fancy journal designed as a "game companion," and, for the truly wealthy, your likeness in the game and a trip to Camouflaj HQ.

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