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How apps might work on an iPhone with a bigger screen


The Verge has an interesting article on the iPhone and how Apple could boost the screen size from 3.5-inches to a luxurious 4.0-inches without disrupting apps in the iOS App Store.

The Verge argues that all it would take to design an iOS-compatible, 4-inch retina display is to change the aspect ratio of the iPhone display from its current 3:2 to a larger 9:5. This would result in a screen that was 640 x 1152 and, as they show in screenshots, would scale current iOS apps nicely.

Judging by the results from our recent "You're The Pundit" post about display sizes, a majority of our readers (44.8 percent) would appreciate a bump in display size, while a respectable 36.2 percent would like the iPhone to stay the same.

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