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Abduct yourself a UFO Online beta key from Massively!

Eliot Lefebvre

You've seen our first impressions -- does that make you want to get in on UFO Online? For a lot of people, that's not quite possible yet, seeing as how the game is still in closed beta testing. However, as in the past, the team at Massively has you covered. Thanks to the folks over at gamigo, we've got 2,000 keys for the second closed beta test, and we're handing them out to whoever wants one.

If you're up for some tactical browser action, go ahead and click the button below, grab a code, then enter it in the appropriate spot on the front page of the official site. After that, you should be golden. Luckily, unlike many other betas, this one doesn't make you worry about a cumbersome client download since the entire game plays in your browser. So grab yourself a key, and please, go gentle with your probing of the game. It's still in testing.


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