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Blizzard highlights the Barbarian in Diablo III's newest video

Eliot Lefebvre

There are some classes in every game meant to explore arcane mysteries, to sneak through trials with subtlety and focus upon finesse and careful action. The Barbarian of Diablo III is not one of those classes. No, the Barbarian is the class for when you want to just smash everything until it stands no taller than dust, and then smash yourself some dust for good measure. It's the latest reveal for the game, and as expected, it comes with an accompanying video.

In lore terms, as a Barbarian you play one of the last members of a proud nomadic people whose tireless defense of Mount Arreat ultimately failed, leaving the Barbarians to wander disillusioned and hopeless. Meanwhile, in game terms, you'll focus on savage melee attacks, thundering war shouts, and a variety of extremely powerful weapons and armor. So go ahead and pound on your mouse until you get past the break to view the Barbarian in all his bloody, savage, not-quite-housebroken glory.

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