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Darksiders 2 launch date in question following THQ remarks


THQ's conviction over Darksiders 2's June 26 launch date is wavering, according to a recent interview and in our follow-up with the publisher. In an interview between RipTen and THQ EVP Danny Bilson, a PR rep interrupts the interview following a question about the game's launch window to say the company "honestly" can't confirm the release date.

Pushed further, Bilson responds, "We haven't announced anything... but the team is working really, really hard. We're not going to ship it before it's done."

Attempting to clarify the statement, we got in contact with THQ, which told us: "No new announcements have been made at this time."

Financially troubled publisher THQ revealed on Valentine's Day that Darksiders 2 would launch on June 26.

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