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Ghostcrawler talks college, game design, and his path to Blizzard

In a two-part interview with The Baltimore Sun's entertainment blog, Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street (lead systems designer) sits down to talk about his days at McDaniel College, how he got started in the game design business, and what it's like being Ghostcrawler.

Of particular interest to those here is that Ghostcrawler says Blizzard is a little paranoid about changing things too much, and that it doesn't want to alienate the old players in favor of the new players. Of course, some change is necessary to keep things fresh, but Ghostcrawler makes good points on how there is a balance.

He also weighs in on Mass Effect 3 and all the fun players are having at the end of the game. Ghostcrawler sums up the situation nicely:

When you make a two-hour movie, and people like it, but they don't like the ending, they'll say "that was disappointing." But when you make three video games where players have invested 30-plus hours each, and the ending isn't good, they're mortified. That's been an investment in their life that now feel wasted, specifically because of what they did with it really rubbed a lot of players the wrong way.

Read the full interview over at The Baltimore Sun.

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