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Hitman: Absolution gets a well-dressed 'Professional Edition' [update: EU and NA]


Don't get too excited – we thought the image above revealed some kind of replica gun in a cool briefcase as part of the Hitman: Absolution "Professional Edition," but it's actually bonus in-game DLC. Oh well, no toy guns for us! Said DLC, the "Agency Gun Pack," comprises a Jagd P22G pistol, a UMP SMG and an SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun.

The Professional Edition, announced for Europe today, also includes an art book, a making-of DVD, and a fancy clamshell box. We're due to get some kind of special edition in North America as well, but details haven't been announced yet.

Update: the North American release will have the same "Professional Edition." In addition, Square Enix announced retail-exclusive bonuses for Amazon (the "Bartoli Custom Pistol"), Best Buy (the "Bronson 1928M SMG"), GameStop (the "Agency Kazo TRG" sniper rifle), and Walmart (the "Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol").

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