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As Time Goes By HD for iPad is half-baked

Mel Martin

Every so often we get a request to review some software that sounds intriguing and we try it and like it. This is not one of those times.

I've been playing with As Time Goes By, an app that has what is advertised as 'compatible with new iPad resolution'. The app has full screen time lapse loops of several cities like New York, London, Berlin, and one scenic spot, the Grand Canyon. The app also offers an optional display of local time and weather information.

Let's get down to it. While the time lapse movies are compatible with the new iPad retina display, that doesn't mean they are high resolution. In fact, I'd say they are not the full resolution of the iPad 2. Worse, the loops are too short. The Grand Canyon loop, for example, is about 7 seconds. That gets boring fast, and there is no way to slow the frame rate down. The local temperature displayed is in centigrade, which is fine for most of the world, but not so great for US residents who don't want to do the calculation. Local time for each location is displayed, but not the local time for your iPad, so you can't compare.

The app is only US $0.99, but I think it has too many missing features to be of much interest. Apps like Magic Window have far better resolution, better photography, more weather information and even Airplay support. The photography in Magic Window is first rate, while the As Time Goes By photography is pretty average.

I applaud ideas like those contained in this app, but they are half baked and not executed with thought about what users might want. I'd give this app a pass, unless the developers respond and make the app much, much better.

As Time Goes By is a 78 MB download and requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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