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RIFT unveils changes to queued quest reward system


RIFT's patch 1.8 is just around the corner, and the patch is bringing not only a new raid and new activities but a few quality of life improvements as well. Community manager James "Elrar" Nichols stopped by the forums today to give players a heads up on the changes coming to the game's queued quest rewards system. What are queued quest rewards? Pretty much what they sound like. Completing certain quests and dungeons will bring up a queued quest loot button that players can press at their convenience to receive the loot and XP from the activity.

This has led some players to keep these rewards queued so that they can claim them all at once for massive XP gains. In light of that, Trion Worlds is changing the way these rewards work by causing them to be automatically granted to the player upon completion. Of course, players will still have to choose their reward for quests that grant the option, but there will now be a limit on how many rewards you can have queued at any given time. Players are advised to claim all pending queued quest rewards before patch 1.8 hits because the team can't guarantee that doing so will be possible after the patch. For the full details, head on over to the full forum post.

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