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Storybricks video reveals UI, gameplay, zombified NPC

Jef Reahard

Back in January, Namaste Entertainment released its second video dev diary for Storybricks. Prior to that, company representatives drip-fed information to the press and convention-goers relative to the new title's story-based sandbox and its unique approach to both NPC and quest design.

Today we get to actually see the game in action courtesy of the newest video dev diary. Storybricks CEO Rodolfo Rosini walks us through eight minutes of gameplay, complete with a look at the UI, a small story instance, and some of the options available for customizing NPC action and motivation.

Storybricks looks to break the traditional kill-10-rats MMO quest paradigm. The video clip shows us how with multiple NPC actions, behaviors, and customizable flavor text (not to mention a zombie ability, which Rosini describes as "very important."). He also says the footage is "pre-pre-alpha," but it's pretty exciting nonetheless. See for yourself after the break.

[Thanks to John for the tip!]

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