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Crysis 3 accidentally revealed by EA's Origin service


EA probably wasn't too keen on you learning about a new Crysis just yet – the news comes from its Origin service where box art and cursory details popped up overnight for "Crysis 3" (as seen above). The box art and listings have since been removed, but as we all know Google sees all.

Moreover, as Neogaf points out, GameReactor magazine is teasing a reveal for Crysis 3 in the coming week. Unfortunately for both EA and the European magazine, some of that thunder got stolen by a faulty switch over at Origin.

Box art for Xbox 360 and PC versions popped up, but we imagine it'll also arrive on PlayStation 3. We've reached out to EA for clarification, but we don't expect to hear more until next week's planned reveal. (And yes, that dude on the Crysis 3 cover is rocking what looks like a compound bow.)


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