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Beamdog interested in Icewind Dale, pending Baldur's Gate success


Beamdog hasn't even released Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, and you're already clamoring for Icewind Dale? Slow down there, pardner! It turns out that Beamdog is just as keen on tackling Black Isle's other Dungeons & Dragons RPG, which runs on the same engine as Baldur's Gate. Beamdog head Trent Oster noted on Twitter that the subject of Icewind Dale "has come up a number of times" and the company is "interested" in pursuing the project.

That said, the possibility depends on the success of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Though the project isn't officially in the works yet, Oster told a Twitter user that Icewind Dale would likely run on Beamdog's existing codebase, and thus would support all classes and kits available in the Baldur's Gate 2 "Throne of Bhaal" expansion.

Finally, when asked if Beamdog would consider trying its hand at taking on the Ultima series, another old-school favorite, Oster said the company approached EA about the idea. "They told us no thanks."

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